Your packages are delivered and safe- Even if you're not home!
With Entrepot Residential Secure Package Terminals.

Entrepôt Residential Package Terminals brings all the intelligence and dynamics from our robust Secure Package Terminals to your front door. Our residential solution leverages all of the large-scale systems attributes into a refined solution with your package delivery needs and homes décor front and center.

A Residential Secure Package Terminal
with modern world convenience!


  • Brilliant 7” Touch-Screen Display
  • Onboard systems monitor each
    compartment status
  • Infrared Barcode-QRC scanner for
    quick delivery and pick-up
  • Onboard security camera for 24/7
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Weatherproof Hardware

  • Ensure the safety of your package deliveries from any change in weather

Entrepôt Mobile App Notifications & Alerts

  • The Entrepôt Mobile App will notify you the instant your package has been delivered

Convenience at your fingertips

  • Open package terminal door directly from the Entrepôt App with a push of a button or scan barcode at the terminal
  • Allow someone access to your terminal thru the Entrepot Mobile App Peer2Peer function

Entrepôt Private LTE Network Connectivity

  • Entrepot’s private LTE connectivity ensures Your system is always online and ready!

Dynamic Terminal Hardware

  • Multi sized compartments to accommodate varying package sizes
  • Customizable color configurations
  • ADA Compliant

Courier Agnostic

  • Entrepôt Terminals accept deliveries from all couriers to ensure 100% successful delivery


Entrepôt Secure Package Terminals accept packages from all major shipping carriers.

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