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What is Entrepôt?

Entrepôt is a subscription based package terminal service where your online purchases can be conveniently and securely delivered. Entrepôt Secure Package Terminals eliminate missed deliveries, package theft and inconvenient waiting.

Why use Entrepôt?

Entrepôt is extremely convenient and secure. Our subscribers can choose the location most convenient for them, with the ability to retrieve their package 24/7.

How does Entrepôt Work?

Entrepôt offers an innovative solution for delivery and storage of packages for our subscribers. Our package terminals are fully automated, providing 24/7 service for package pickup at a convenient location nearest you.

Where can I find Entrepôt Package Terminals?

Entrepôt Package Terminals are conveniently located throughout our footprint. We are frequently adding new locations to our network. Please visit our interactive map at to find the location most convenient to you.

What items are not allowed to be sent to the Entrepôt Package Terminals?

Money, security papers, weapons, ammunition, flammable materials, narcotics, psychoactive substances, animals, plants, any other item forbidden in accordance with the law.

What delivery company delivers to the Entrepôt Package Terminals?

Entrepôt works with all delivery companies, such as UPS, FEDEX, USPS, Amazon, Laser Ship, DHL amongst others.

How many parcels can be delivered to one package terminal compartment?

Each compartment will only receive one package, even if the same subscriber has multiple packages the same day.

Are there any special instructions to ship my purchase to Entrepôt Package Terminals?

When entering your shipping address please make sure to enter your Entrepôt Member ID on the second address field.

What is the maximum parcel weight allowed?

There is a 50 lbs. limit on parcels delivered to Entrepôt Secure Package Terminals.

Parcel Pick Up

Do I need to register online to pick-up my packages from the Entrepôt Package Terminals?

Yes, before you can receive a parcel at any Entrepôt Package Terminal you will need to register and select the subscription program that best accommodates your needs.

How will I know that I have a package to pick up at an Entrepôt Package Terminal?

Once your package is delivered to the terminal you will receive a real-time text notification and an email with your one-time access code and barcode. You can use either one to retrieve your parcel at the terminal. Also, you can select to only be notified via the Entrepôt Mobile App where you will receive notifications and barcode to have access to your packages.

How much time do I have to pick up my package?

Once you receive notification that you have a package to pick up, you will have 48 hours to retrieve it.

Does Entrepôt send reminder notifications if I don’t retrieve my package?

Yes, you will receive a reminder notification every 24 hours.

When will my package be returned to the sender?

If your package is left for more than 2 days, it will be returned to sender.

Can my package be picked-up by a friend or relative?

The friend or relative you entrust with your package will need your one-time access code to retrieve your package.

Host Sites

What are the requirements for installing an Entrepôt Package Terminal at my location?

Minimum available space of: 6 Feet Wide x 7 Feet High x 3 Feet Depth  Available: 110v electrical outlet

What are the benefits of installing an Entrepôt Package Terminal in the proximity of a retail store?

Entrepôt offers competitive revenue generating options for the retailers. Additionally, the installation of an Entrepôt Package Terminal generates additional revenue driven by the incremental foot traffic to the retail store. Entrepôt also offers the possibility of co-branding on the terminal.

What are the benefits of installing Entrepôt Package Terminals at a Multi-Family Buildings, Office Buildings or Universities?

Entrepôt package terminals will reduce costs, streamline and facilitate the management and distribution of incoming packages.