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How many times have you been away from your home and therefore unable to accept delivery of your package? Do you worry just how safe it is to leave a package on your doorstep when no one is home to accept delivery? Or, come home to a note on your door telling you where to go to pick up your package at some remote warehouse location?

Worry No More!!

Here at Entrepôt, we know how important your package deliveries are to you. So, we want to make sure you can enjoy the vast benefits of online shopping without having to worry about missing a delivery or worse, a misplaced or stolen package due to not being home. Subscribe to one of our membership plans and enjoy the peace of mind of having access to the public network of Entrepôt Secure Package Terminals at carefully selected secure and convenient locations with 24/7 access. Now you can have your packages delivered to a package terminal nearest you, whether it’s near your home or place of work, you decide!!



Members enjoy deliveries Within a monthly cycle to our convenient and Secure Package Terminals

  • $0.75 per package delivered
  • Free App
  • 24/7 Access

$10.00 / month

yearly icon


Members enjoy deliveries to a preferred Secure Package Terminal  at a convenient and secure location near you

  •  $0.75 per package delivered
  • Free App
  • 24/7 Access

$30.00 / year

Do it all through

the Entrepôt Mobile App

Would you like to know the exact moment that your package is delivered? Entrepôt’s Mobile App does that and more, giving users complete transparency into the package delivery process.

The Entrepôt Mobile app is more comprehensive than email or text notifications alone, and makes package pickup simple. Instead of receiving another email or text message, our member or notified directly through the app. There’s no need for package recipients to search their phone for that email notification-or that access code. Now you can subscribe to the Entrepôt Secure Package Terminal service, and manage your account profile and settings from one centralized location – The Entrepôt Mobile App.

With the Entrepôt Mobile App, your smartphone can communicate directly with the package terminal system. Members can simply tap a button on their phone, and the corresponding package terminal door to your package will open. Members are then free to pick-up their package and get on with their day. It’s that easy!


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